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Saturday's hike

Yesterday, on Saturday, I went on a hike with my brother, his girlfriend and their dog, Elmo. The weather was absolutely beatiful, but it was cold. We hiked to a small ''mountain'' called Hårskallen, but before we went all the way to the top, we walked to a small lake called Skalltjønna. Neither one of us had ever been there before, so we thought it was stunning! After seeing the breathtaking nature here in Norway we struggled a bit to get to the top because it was so freaking windy yesterday! I took some crappy Iphone pictures that I would like to share with you all.

This is the cutest dog you'll ever see! By the way, I actually forgot to take pictures at the top, because of the freezing wind that was up there I just wanted to keep my hands in my warm pockets. The next picture is taken almost at the top though..

Have a nice evening! xoxo



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    Fall 2016, part 2

    I promised you some more pictures from yesterday, and here they are. 

    I feel like I do this more for me, then anyone else. I like editing photos, and I like taking them, so maybe I'll try to do it more often.. I don't promise anything though, so don't take my word for it.

    That's it for now. Hope you like some of these pictures. And please let me know what you want me to blog about. Otherwise it'll just be me taking ''selfies'' and posting them. 



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    Fall 2016

    So.. It's been a while. Like, two years. A lot has happened in the last couple of years, here's just some of it.

    I graduated college.
    I got a boyfriend.
    I've had a wide variety of haircolors, I was a brunette at one point actually.
    I've seen all of Gilmore Girls and can't wait for the revival this November.
    I went on a roadtrip this summer. I visited Jackson, Nashville, Memphis, New York, Orlando, Tampa, New Orleans, Lynchburg and probably some other places, but I can't rememer them all right now. It was probably one of the best vacations I've ever had.
    Oh yeah, and I got a new car! 

    That's some highlights from the past. 

     I thought about just letting this blog die out naturally, but today I was bored, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to pack my camera and go somewhere to take pictures. Here are some of the pictures I took. They're all of me though, so not very interesting..

    That's all for today! I'm going to continue and try to edit some of them, and then post them tomorrow, I think.

    Please comment, and let me know if you want me to start blogging again!



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    New haircolor.. again

    Some people think that I dye my hair way too much, but in reality I only dye it every other month, which isn't that bad, the only thing is, it's a different color almost everytime. This time my cousin wanted to try to make a purple ombre, so he did. I like it, because it's not too bright. Here are some pictures of my outfit today and my hair!

    I see the quality on the pictures really suck, sorry about that... anyways, what do you think about my new hair and what should I try next time?


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    I made a skirt!

    Since school's finally done for the summer I have nothing to do except go to work, but since I'm not working 24/7 I need something else to do, and yesterday I figured out I should try to sew a skirt, and I did. The funny thing is, it actually turned out quite nice! I did get some help from my mom though, so I can't take all the credit, I tried to take some Pictures, but they didn't turn out good, but I'm going to post some anyways!

    What do you think?


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    Thursday's outfit!

    In a lack of imagination and stuff to write about I'm just going to post my outfit from Thursday. The dress I'm wearing is one of my favourites, and I can't wait until summer so that I can wear it all the time without a sweater and stockings.. I have to say though, the weather here has been really nice the last couple of days and life couldn't have been better (maybe it has something to do with my pink hair?)


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    Cotton candy

    My hair is pink! Finally! I love it! It looks like cotton candy! 

     And the weather is finally warming up! Summer is just around the corner (I hope). It's still a bit chilly in the shade though, but hey, it doesn't matter!

    -What are your plans for today? I have to go to work.. 



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    Blueberry Scones

     This morning when I woke up, I decided I wanted to be a little British, and so I made Blueberry scones and tea for breakfast. I've never made that before, so I have to brag about it since they turned out to be absolutely delicious!

    Here's the recipe:

    1 1/2 cup flour
    1/2 cup Whole wheat flour
    3 tbsp sugar
    2 1/2 tsp baking powder
    2/3 cup sour cream
    5 tbsp butter
    1 egg
    1 cup blueberries

    Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and crumble the butter With Your fingers while mixing it With the dry ingredients. Whisp the egg carefully and put it in the bowl With the sour cream. Mix it all together until it becomes a dough (you might have to add some flour to it). Blend the berries in the dough, and knead it carefully before you form the scones and Cook them for about 15 minutes in the middle of Your oven.

    That's it, it's really easy, and so good!



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    flowers are a girls best friend

    I love flowers, I can not say it enough! I love flowers in a vase, making a room look much prettier, my favourites are pink roses by the way. I also love them on clothes and shoes! If I could, I would have flowers on everything! Even my car. It's that bad, what can I say, diamonds flowers are a girls best friend.

    Here's todays outfit

    Please ignore my very awkward poses.

    I did wear a cardigan today, eventhough it was over 20 degrees celcius! (well, that was in the sun)

    Anyways, I did this post mainly because I want to postpone doing my assignment as much as possible, but I guess that's inevitable right now.. Wish me luck, I'll need it!



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    April Fools

    I haven't been fooled yet! I think that's some kind of record for me! I do, however, got the blues. I just saw the final episode of How I met your mother, it was really good, and not at all what I excpected! I love that show, and now I have to find another one to watch. Any ideas?

    Anyways, I just wanted to show you my outfit for today, I wore one of my favourite dresses, but since it's still a bit cold here in Norway I had to put something over it, and I figured the blue shirt would work. 

    Oh, I went to Oslo last week, and I haven't posted any pictures yet, I'll do that later this week!

    Did anyone pull a prank on you today?



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    How is it Mars already?

    I can't believe it's Mars already! It's crazy how fast time has passed. This year the weather has been really strange, I don't think we have had ANY snow here! I'm not complaining, but it's kinda sad to think about, what if there's snow in July?! 

    I just wanted to show you today's outfit, I went for a walk and took some pictures after school today, it was a bit windy so it was colder than it looks. 

    I brought my Diana Mini with me, to try and take some pictures, the only bad thing about it is, I don't really know how to use it yet, and you don't get to see the pictures until they're developed!

    Right now I'm watching Paradise Hotel, a stupid, Norwegian reality show, and I just have to laugh, it's really stupid! Haha


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    favourite skirt

    This is my favourite skirt. I wear it ALL THE TIME. If it's a party, I'll wear it, if I'm going out to dinner, I'll wear it, I wear it as often as possible, just because I think it looks good with anything. It's simple, and black. What more could you ask for?

    Looking at these pictures you wouldn't believe it's February, but it is, and.. there's still no snow, which I'm okay with.. for now.


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    Where's the snow?

    It's January, but we have no snow. I haven't been to Sweden this year yet, which means I haven't gone skiing or snowmobiling. This is very sad. I'm busy though, with school and work, and that's about all I do. Oh, I sleep too. A lot. But I'm happy, and that's all that matters, right? 

    I took some outfitpictures today, since I realized it's been a while. 

    Summer, please come fast. Winter is boring without snow.


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    What I wore

    This post isn't just a little delayed, it should have been posted weeks ago! Anyways, I have a picture of me in my christmas outfit, and I thought maybe you wanted to see. 

    I love my dress, it sparkles! And, as you might see, I also dyed my hair. 

    Happy New Year, I hope it's a great one! 


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    Today's my birthday. I can't believe it, I'm 20 already? This year has gone way too fast. Where did the time go? When did I grow up? Feels like only yesterday I was celebrating my 16th birthday. I can't believe it. I'm halfway to 40!

    A lot has happened this year, both good things and bad things, but looking back, it all happens for a reason, right? And as for right now, I couldn't be happier with the way my life is. I have the best friends and two great families, who I love very much. 

     I also want to say happy birthday to someone who's always been by my side, actually my whole life. I don't know what I would've done without you sometimes, you're one of my bestfriends, and eventhough we fight sometimes, I'll always love you! Happy Birthday to my twin, Kenneth! <3 

    My head looks gigantic...

    -Have a great day!

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    Favourite christmas song

    Christmas is getting closer and closer people! Have you done all your christmas shopping? Because I haven't.. I have other things to stress about first, yup, you guessed it, exams. I have five of them! Wish me luck!

    Anyways, I just wanted to show you my favourite english christmas song, and let you know I'm still alive.. 


    Smokie - spaceman came travelling

    - What's your favourite christmas song?


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    Happy Birthday lil sis!

    I just want to take a moment and congratulate my little sister on her birthday. I can't believe you turn 16 already! 
    Happy Birthday! I love you, and I hope to see you soon, I miss you so much!

    I know you'll always be my sister, and I just want you to know you can always come to me with anything, I'm never really far away (just a planeflight across the atlantic), but we have facebook and skype and phones, I love you.  

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    Cool old school

    Is it just me or did everyone look perfect in the 50's and 60's?



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    All bundled up

    Yup, winter is upon us. This morning there was a lot of frost on the ground, and it's still there. This means I have to pull out my wintercoats, fluffy hats and scarfs. But I like it. This is how I look almost everyday during winter, I just wear different things. 

    By the way, I am wearing a skirt, it just doesn't show.. And, I don't have school or work tomorrow, so my weekend starts now! :D


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    Halloween party

    Saturday night we hosted a small halloween/costume party and it was sp much fun! Honestly, I haven't had that much fun in a long time! I'm so glad people dressed up because I really enjoyed seeing everyones costumes. Lets do it again next year! 

    Here comes a lot of pictures. Some are really bad quality but it doesn't matter. 

    This is a witch, an angel (that lost her wings) and James Dean.

    Some of the people that were there. 

    for your information I was dressed up as Luna Lovegood (Lulla Lunekjær) from Harry Potter. 

    Best friends <3

    That's all! And yes, we are standing behind a pool table. 


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    Pink hat and blue stockings

    It's almost time to find those beanies and hats everyone, and I love it! Winter is just around the corner, and soon the ground will be covered in white,fluffy, delicious snow. I can't wait!

    This is today's outfit, a skirt, big sweater, beanie and black, plaine shoes (which you can't see in the picture) 



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    November already?

    I can't believe it's already november, time is flying by way too fast and before I know it I'll be 20 (!!!) And then I wont be a kid anymore.. which is sad, because I'll always be a kid at heart. Anyways, just wanted to show you today's outfit. It includes a sparkly sweater and one of my favorite dresses! Needles to say, I like it. 

    - What are your plans this friday night? I have to work.. 


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    I know my blog has been really boring lately, and there's a reason for that. I'm boring. I'm tired all the time, and I feel like I can't ever get enough sleep and I look like a zombie right out of the set of Walking Dead. At least I feel that way. I've been busy with school and work. but hopefully everything will get better, and I'll be rested and ready to blog!

    I tried to take some outfit pictures for you, and eventhough today's halloween, I'm not wearing anything scary. I need help to come up with a costume for saturday by the way, hopefully someone can help me!

    Here's today's outfit, and I'm very aware the colors are different, this is because on the first one I used a different setting on my camera.

    And yes, I do have (kinda) pink hair.

    -So, what are your plans this halloween? 



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    I LOVE pink!

    Let's talk about clothes... PINK clothes.
    i <3 PINK! (Eww, not the singer, I'm not a lesbo, da-aaah. Although I <3 her music)

    So let me show you some fierce and cute clothing pieces!


    I want this dress, because it's CUTE. Totes!

    I want this fluffy... dress? It's SUPER cute, rightttt?

    And this... because it's SUPER vintage looking and CUTE. So cute!

    And this one..OMG. So cute! I would wear this on daily basis.

    This is my CHRISTMAS outfit for 2013. TOTALLYYYYYY! So cute. Omg. So cute. I wish that bow was pink, not red, da-ah!

    Ooor maybe this one could be my Christmas outfit?

    And this? Just for fun! SOO CUTE!

    'CUZ it's cute. That's why. I guess. 

    And with this? SUMMER 2014 OUTFIT! <3

    XOXOXOXOXO Kathrine (or Rune, hahahahaha?)


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    Change of scenery

    Here in Norway fall is definitely upon us. There's been several days when I walk out to my car ready to jump in and drive off, only to find the windshield covered in ice. Hopefully it was only for a short period, I'm not ready for snow and the freezing cold just yet.

    Anyways, today's it been pouring rain but in between the downpour I found some time to snap a couple of pictures for you, because I know it's been a while, and I just wanted to. So, here you go, today's outfit!

    As you can tell my go-to-shoes during fall is my beloved converse. I have several pairs, but these are my all time favourites. (and please ignore my horrible roots, I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow to get them done.)


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    I miss you all

    Two years ago today I was sitting on a plane on my way back to Pennsylvania and my american family. Little did my sister know I was coming, and this is a video of me surprising her. 


    I hope this works.

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    September outfits

    Which one is your favourite?




    4. This is my favourite.




    8 (very, very bad picture)



    So today I started practise in 3rd grade, and let me tell you ONE THING, they are tiny people. Really small! And tomorrow will be my first teaching lesson with them, and I'm nervous because it will be a gym class, outside. Wish me luck! I know I'll need it.

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    I've been sitting in a chair by my desk all day since I got home from school. I've been doing math, and lets just say I'm getting really tired of it, so I think it's time to give my brain, at least what's left of it, a break and go to bed. 

    Remember to give your bestfriend, parents or loved one a big hug!

    Goodnight everybody! Hope you all had a lovely day. 


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    Pink, blue and glitter

    This is what I look like today. 

    -What do you think?


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    What have I done

    My favorite color is pink. Who would've guessed? So, what did I do this afternoon? I dyed my hair! 

    You can barely see the color here, but I promise I'll take better pictures tomorrow or some other day. I like it, that's all that matters!


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    Iced coffee

    I miss America and how there's a Dunkin' Donuts on every street corner. I miss their Iced Latte's and how they sometimes give out free donuts. I simply miss all my friends and family, and while I'm daydreaming of going back I'm sitting by the kitchen table doing math. It's really boring, and that's probably why I'm daydreaming.. 

    I also miss summer, and the sun, and Florida, and Disney World, and Bulgaria. 

    BUT, winter isn't just negative, it brings us snow, which means I can go snowmobiling and skiing! WHICH I LOVE. 

    AAHHH, why can't it just be winter already?

    And now I realize this post doesn't make any sense at all, it's just me procrastinating finishing my math assignment... Wish me luck!




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    What did I do this weekend? The answer is simple, I drove a car. All night Friday and all night Saturday. then I slept a lot, and I also went shopping on Friday, but I didn't get anything exciting or noteworthy. I don't really have anything to blog about right now since my outfit is boring, just a normal sweather and jeans. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know what I've been upto, and why I haven't blogged this weekend. 

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    Proud sister

    I'm a little bit proud of my brother today, because he can finally call himself a car mechanic! He passed his examination, and got a good grade! Now his life can begin, fixing cars day in and day out, I can say I'm jealous...


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    What have I done today? I've spent all day (except 5 hours when I was at school), looking for my carkeys. They are gone. I can't find them ANYWHERE, and it's sooooo very frustrating! I'm actually starting to believe there's a ghost or a goblin or something that likes to "play" with me. I've looked everywhere. Even in our refrigerator, twice! 

    I hope that they'll just magically appear on my dresser tomorrow morning. If they do I will be terrified, but OH SO VERY HAPPY! 

    Just throwing in a picture of myself from a couple of days ago.

    Now, if you were a set of keys, where would you be hiding?


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    Summer's not over yet

    If you thought summer was over for this year, you were wrong! The temperatures have fallen a little bit, but it's still sunny outside (some days), and that means I can still wear dresses and skirts, not that the cold weather has stopped me before. 

    Here's todays outfit, I hope you like it!

    I like this dress, it's cute, and has lace details, and I love lace. Ignore my face in the last picture please.

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    Raspberry and sparkles

    As you can see today's outfit pictures are really, really bad!

    But I kinda love the color combination, and if you add sparkles to anything I will buy it!

    Do you like it?

    Ciao! xoxo

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    Have a nice day everybody! That's all I wanted to say, remember to smile!

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    Red lips xoxo

    I just had a short day at school today so I'm already at home, so I tried to take some outfit pictures for you, so here they are, oh, please tell me something exciting!

    What do you think? 


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    Previous years

    This is how I spent autumn these past years:

    LVC reatreat 2010 (I can't believe it's been three whole years)

    My pumpkin!

    my school "uniform" haha, I don't miss it


    I hope this year will be as good and funny as 2010 and 2011, because that was the best!


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    It's late, and I'm happy

    I came home yesterday after three interesting days camping with my new class. It was fun, and I'll post pictures of that some other day. Anyways, today I saw "White house down" which I absolutely love! It was a GREAT movie, and I kinda want to see it again right now! It helped a little that they had cast Channing Tatum as one of the main characters! I love him, and every movie he's in. 

    Well, here's today's outfit! 

    Again, awkward posing...

    Lets just say I don't have a career in the modeling industry, haha.


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    The fox

    So I know most people have already seen and heard this song, but I think it's so catchy and funny, so I just have to share it!


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    A quick outfit post

    Just a quick outfit post before I'm going to work! 

    By the way, I'm going on a schooltrip tomorrow and will be gone until Thursday night, so I won't post anything until then. 
    Have a nice week everybody!

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    I just wanted to say goodnight! 

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    you're playing so cool, obeying every rule

    Cut loose, footloose, kick of your sunday shoes. 

    Happy people!

    Our car!

    some, a lot of pictures from yesterday! It was fun.

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    Under construction

    My blog is currently under construction! I hope you have some patience and stay tuned!

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    Oldsmobile '64 (Outfit)

    Awkward posing by my dad's car is what I do best.

    Today's outfit. I tried to dress a little 60's inspired, but I didn't have a lot of time this morning, so this is what I came up with. 

    I went to Stjørdal today with my brother and some friends to do something called a "funrun". If you don't know what it is you could always google it. Anyways, as you can tell it has something do to with classic american cars. 

    Let me know if you would like to see some pictures of today! I have a lot. 


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    Late night rambling

    All day, everyday thoughts are building up inside of me and at the break of nightfall they all come rushing back to me like a thunderstorm in Florida. ALL. AT. ONCE. And I can't fall asleep. It's really annoying. Why can't I think like this while I'm at school? And why now. 

    I don't know what to write, I just knew I had to write something. It doesn't make any sense and I'm well aware of that, and I should probably just stop this rambling right away, but I can't. And since I can't make myself stop writing, and I don't know what to write, this is just a mess. Just like me. 

    I miss America so much, and one day I will be back, and as for right now I cannot wait for that day to arrive!


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    A long time ago...

    ... this picture was taken. 

    Tell me what's on your mind this friday night!

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    A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous

    Today I just want to remember everyone to be happy, and to smile, a lot. 

    Today's outfit. A simple dress, gladiator sandals and a hat, oh and a belt.

    Hope you like it!

    Have a lovely weekend everybody, I know I will!


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    A little bit of devil in her angel eyes

    Angel eyes - love and theft

    I was going to take some good, well try to take some good outfit pictures for you today, but my photographer bailed on me (Lene da :(((((((() so, I took some with my phone, and they didn't turn out very good, as was expected, but still, here they are. 

    I wore a dress, stockings, boots and a jeanvest. I even had my hair up!

    Like this, I kinda liked it. It was just a little bit inspired by the 60's, what with the teasing on top.

    Orange selfie

    And, please ignore all the mess in the background...

    I promise i'll try to take better pictures next time! (which means I have to be very very very nice to my family, haha)

    Now I'm going to change into gym clothes, head to work for a couple of hours then I'm off to the gym! Have a nice evening everybody!

    -What did you think of the outfit? Is it too much country, or does it work? 



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    Cruise night -Amcar Verdal

    I'm a new member of a club called AMCAR Verdal, where my parents have been members since I was a little girl. It's all about old american cars, which, I LOVE. And lets just say my family have a few of their own. 

    The first wednesday of every month (in the summertime) they arrange a cruise night, and it just so happened that today was one of those nights. I took some pictures with my phone, and I wanted to share them, eventhough they're really bad.

    the windshield needs to be cleaned...

    we ended up at a beatiful placed called Kjerknesvågen, and we found a place that sold coffee and waffles, it was yummy! But it turned out, we weren't the only ones that had planned a trip there today, look at all those motorcycles!

    Can't complain about the weather though, so pretty!


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    Oh, Marilyn (outfit)

    It's no secret I ADORE Marilyn Monroe, so when I saw this shirt at the mall, I instantly knew I had to get it! And I don't regret my choice. 

    Here's today's outfit (oh, I like to think I look smart with fake glasses)


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    Recipe; braised porkchops

    Hi, today I'm making dinner, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you! I love this, eventhough it takes a while to make, (it has to "boil" for an hour!) but it's sooo worht it in my opinion! And I have to warn you, this post I originally meant to write in Norwegian, so there's probably going to be some weird explanations and stuff, just bare with me guys.

    What you need for aproximately 6 people;
    6 porkchops
    2 onions
    4 carrots
    600 grams, (I just used a tiny one, it's not that important) of rutabaga (kålrot på norsk)
    4 dl applejuice
    8 dl chickenbroth
    thyme (timian)
    Mashed potatoes 

    The first thing you do is you chop all the vegetables.

    Like this

    Next you have to fry the porkchops in a pan, just so they get some color and look yummy. 

    Obviously this is a picture BEFORE, the frying. If you can't tell. 
    When you've fried them some on each side put them on a roasting pan (they're going in the oven)

    Then just pour the vegetables, chickenbroth and applejuice over the porkchops, put it all in the oven for about an hour on 200 degrees CELCIUS. 

    I forgot to take a picture of it with the juice and broth, I think you get the idea though. Don't forget to sprinkle some thyme on there!
    Now, wait for an hour, do some laundry or just relax, maybe study, there's tons of stuff to do! Only the imagination can stop you.

    Serve with mashed potatoes, so delicious!






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    Don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him

    I have nothing interesting to tell you today, probably because I just got home from school. My plans for the day isn't really anything to talk about either. I'm going to clean my room and later I'm going to the gym. Fun stuff, right? 

    Oh, since I have almost 50 dresses I bought one of those clothing racks so I can finally organize them! I am pretty excited about that. (what a geek). 

    aaaand, here we have a totally unrelated picture of me in one of my favorite dresses. 


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    Ya'll, fall's coming!

    Fall is the season when I feel the most "homesick", and in this case "home" is Pennsylvania. I loved fall! All the pretty colors and the holidays right around the corner, and not to forget halloween and thanksgiving! Late fall, when the first snow is coming down is always so magical, bonfires at night making s'mores, ah, I miss it so much! 

    Let's just all agree that fall is beatiful, even in Norway! 

    And, since some of my friends have asked me to post outfit pictures, that's what I'm doing today. Please don't laugh, it's my first attempt! 



    Peace out!

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    Lazy sunday

    Today I have done absolutely nothing (as always). It's a lazy Sunday which means no make-up, baggy sweatpants and a hoodie. I love it, sometimes. 

    Throwing in a selfie, just because I wanted to.


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    wild friday night

    Since I don't have any plans today, or did have any plans for the night, I'm going to do a little questionaire, well, answer question that I found randomly online. This is not interesting at all, and I am very aware of that fact, but I am bored out of my mind, so here it goes; 

    This time last year what was your relationship status?

    I was dating someone

     How many radio stations do you listen to?


     When was the last time you were in a car with someone besides family?


    Who was it?

    A friend from school 

     What's your favorite show or shows?

    Right now it's Pretty Little Liars

     Have you told anybody you loved them today?


     What are your plans for the weekend?

    Work (my life is so exciting)

     What would your name be with the first three letters?


     Do you want to see somebody right now?


     Think back to the last person you held hands with, would you kiss them?

    I can't really remember who that was

     Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed?

    Someone else's bed

     Who is the last person you fell asleep on/next to?

    Two friends

     What was the last compliment you got?

    I can't remember, I don't get compliments very often, but I think it was something about my hair

    Your best friend needs you at 3 am, do you go help them?

    Without a doubt

     Have you ever slept in the same bed as your friends?

    haha yes

     Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?

    Yes. I know I can

     Are you on a desktop or laptop?

    laptop, and it's sitting in my lap, imagine that

     Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

    No, I highly doubt it

     Who was the last female you talked to?

    My mom, well, in person at least

    Is the last person of the opposite sex you texted single?

    As far as I know he is

     What does your last text message say?

    "Åjaaa" which means okay

     Is there someone who has made a difference in your life?


    Does the last person who texted you ever make you smile?

    Very often, and then she annoys me, but I love her

    Where do you want to live when you are older?

    It doesn't matter, but somewhere warm would be nice

     Whats your favorite number?

     How are you feeling right now?


     Are you listening to any music right now?


    Where is the shirt you're wearing from?

    It's a hoodie and I bought it in New York City

     Would you rather tell somebody straight up, or wait?

    It depends
     If you got kicked out of your house, where would you go?

    If I got kicked out of my house here in Norway I would go to my other home across the Atlantic.

     Is there anyone that text message's you and you smile instantly?

    Eh, not really

     What's something you would change about yourself?

    My self-esteem

     When was your last outburst of laughter?

    Sometime this week at school.

     Would you eat a cockroach for your last ex if they asked you?


     Are there any stressful situations in your life?

    Not really

     Is there anyone who will always have a place in your heart?


    This little guy for example
     What are you doing tomorrow?

    Tomorrow is Saturday, which means just another day, which means I'm working

     Has anyone ever sang or played music for you personally?

    Not personally

     Are you trying to avoid liking somebody at the moment?

    Some days I am, and other days I'm not

     How is your week?

    I don't know. It has it's ups and downs.

     When's the last time you fell asleep watching a movie?

    A while ago

     Last night, did you go to sleep smiling?


     Are you the youngest person living in your house?

    No, haha my twin is younger.

     Who else is in the room with you?

    Noone, except the ghost

     Do you get mad easily?

    Not easily, but it can happen

     Who was the last girl you texted?


     Does she mean anything to you?

    Yes, alot.. she's like a sister, and my bestfriend


     I have a few

     Have you had sex today?

    lol, no

      If you could go back in time and change things, would you?


    What made you the happiest today?

    The thought that it's Friday

     What's the closest pink thing near you?

    The flyswatter

     Are you happy with how life is going for you?

    Sometimes I am, other times I'm not. It all depends on my mood. 
    Yeah, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I like the car.





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    So talented!

    This person is so talented I don't have any words. If you ever go to New York City I recommend you stop and take a few minutes to watch one of these artists, they're everywhere on Time's Square, and the art is breathtaking! So beatiful! I regret not getting one while I was there, maybe next time? 


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    Say what?

    Yesterday I went hiking on a little hill and we (me, my mom, and two of her friends) also walked a little farther into the woods than we initally had planned, but I am so glad we did, because behind all the pretty little trees lay a stunning little pond, or lake. I don't know what to call it. Anyways, I took some pictures, and I wanted to post them here, because I think it's all so beatiful! Sometimes, I have to say, I love the country I live in!



    and for those of you who can't see it, this is a cow. 

    And, while I still remember, let me know if any of you are interested in knowing what I did this summer! I have some (A LOT) of pictures that I can show you. Just let me know! 

    Also, please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the pictures. I took them with my phone, so they're not the best quality, but it'll do. 


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    2 years ago

    Two years ago today I was on my way to my grandparents when I heard the terrible news on the radio. My thoughts go out to friends and family of those killed, may they rest in peace. 



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    Rest in peace Cory Monteith. Glee fans all around the world will miss you! Prayers and thoughts go out to everyone you left behind..

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    Finally, the day has arrived. The start of summer, and it started very good! You see, I got a B on my oral English exam, and now I have one day off before I start at my job. I'm excited and I can't wait! Summer, please be good! 

    This is what I'm doing right now.

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    Finally, the day has arrived. The start of summer, and it started very good! You see, I got a B on my oral English exam, and now I have one day off before I start at my job. I'm excited and I can't wait! Summer, please be good! 

    This is what I'm doing right now.

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    Snapshots from Bulgaria!

    Hi, I just thought I would share some not-so-good-quality-pictures from my trip to Bulgaria last week. They're all taken with my phone, so, yeah. 



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    Easter adventures part 2

    I wore pretty dresses, saw awesome cars, spent time with the cutest kid ever, and had a blast spending time with my american family!













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    Easter adventures part 1

    I just realized I totally forgot to share my easter pictures! I'll start with good friday, when I went to NYC! 

    All in all it was a good day.


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    This is it. It is over. The end.

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    I just wanted to share these five pictures with you guys. It's me and my "sister". We took them at the mall today at a photobooth, it was super awkward so but so much fun!

    Love you!

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    My weekend went a little like this:


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    Guilty Plesaure

    I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

    I listen to Justin Bieber, and I kinda like it. This has to be my biggest guilty pleasure, eventhough I only listen to his music while I'm at the gym (which is not as often as it should have been). Please don't tell anyone. Oh, I also follow him on instagram, which reminds me, follow me: Kathrinexx. 

    I guess I'm a little belieber after all

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    HP, day 5

    What house would you like to be in, and what house do you think the sorting hat would put you in?

    I would like to be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but when I signed up on Pottermore.com, the hat put me in Hufflepuff, so I guess that's the house I would be put in if Hogwarts was real and I was a student there.

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    HP, day 4

    Your least favorite female character and why.

    This is a hard one. I like almost all of the female characters, but there's two females I don't particularly like, and that's Harry's Aunt Petunia, and Draco Malfoy's mother. Almost everyone can guess why I dislike Petunia Dursley, so I'm not going to explain that one. Draco's mother on the other hand. I just don't like her, she's weak, and I don't know, maybe I don't like her because she gave birth to Draco and because she's married to Lucius Malfoy. 

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    HP, day 3

    Which (if any) of the movies have made you angry because they've ignored some important part of the book.

    I don't think I've gotten angry because they've left something out, it's more about the fact that they've changed parts of the book to make it fit the movies. I really dislike the part in the fourth movie where Neville Longbottom gives Harry the herbs for breathing under water, when in the book it's Dobby. All in all Dobby plays a greater role in the books, we don't get to see him as much as we should have in the movies, and that annoys me. 

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    HP, day 2

    Your favorite of the 8 movies.

    My all time favorite Harry Potter movie is the fourth one, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. I don't really know why, I just really like it. I like all the movies though, but that's my favorite. 

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    Harry Potter 20 day challenge

    There's no secret I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so when I found this 20 day challenge online, I knew I had to do it. Here we go!

    Day 1. Your favorite of the 7 books.
                My favorite book out of all seven has to be Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. I love it! It has so much history, and you can really relate to different part of the story. This is also the book where we meet Sirius Black for the first time, which is a plus.


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    Pink or purple?

    Today I dyed some of my hair pink/purple. I will never grow up, and that's the way I want it to be. It's still winter, and that means I spend almost every weekend in Sweden, skiing and driving snowmobiles. I'm not good at any of it, but that doesn't mean it's not fun. Other than that, nothing is new. I just wanted to share this with you. 


    You can't really see the purple, but it's there.

    And, one more thing, only 31 more days until I'm back in PA! So excited! 


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    Roses or Tulips? Roses
    Autumn or Spring? Autumn
    Christmas or Summer vacation? Summer
    Red or White wine? White wine

    Kittens or Puppies? Puppies
    Tea or Coffee? Tea
    Nailpolish or Lipstick? Nailpolish
    Cupcakes or cookies? Cupcakes

    Buy Shoes or Clothes? Clothes
    Overdressed or Underdressed? Overdressed
    Marilyn Monroe og Audrey Hepburn? Marilyn Monroe
    Curled or Straight hair? Curled


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    Yesterday I found myself obsessing over Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson yet again. I went back to being a tenth grader and I found out I have to read the twilight books over christmas. I thought the movie was amazing actually, and the fact that I couldn't remember what happened in the book made it even more exciting. I guess (eventhough I hate to admit) I'm a twilight fan, and eventhough the ending was predictable I loved it! So happy! But now I feel like yet another part of my "childhood" is over. First there was Harry Potter, and now there's no more Twilight movies to look forward to either? What am I going to do?! I'll probably watch all the movies Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum have played in. *drool*

    all pictures are from google. (I didn't take any this weekend, sorry!)

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    Happy Father's Day!

    Today I'll be relaxing and I'll also be eating (hopefully) good food. I'll be cooking, and that's exciting!
    Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

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    One day in August

    These pictures are kinda old, but I totally forgot to post them! We were praticipating in a fun-run in Stjørdal. It was alot of fun, and I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can be in more! Hopefully these pictures can make you forget the election for a second and keep you warm, dreaming about summer!

    Now, I hope all you americans reading this voted today! 

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    Last night it started snowing, I thought, like everyone else, oh this will just go away, there wont be any on the ground. I was wrong. This morning I woke up to a winterwonderland. Too bad I haven't changed the tires on my car yet, hopefully my father can take care of that as soon as possible. Anyways, here are some pictures!

    Is there any snow where you are?

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    Got an early birthday/christmas present!

    Yesterday my boyfriend came home with a gift for me. And guess what! I am now the owner of a Polaroid Z340 camera! I'm so happy and i can't wait to learn more about how it works and to start using it. This will definitely be in my suitcase in March! I love it!

    I'll try to post some pictures taken with it when I get the chance!

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    Look what I found!

    I was going through some old stuff in our basement, and I found a "book" that my teacher made for my class. It contains stories, scary stories, that we wrote in 2003, which means, it's pretty old. I thought it was quite funny, and therefore I'm going to share it in my blog today, the only problem is, it's on norwegian, so I'll post it as I originally wrote it, and maybe I'll take the time to translate it. Anyways, here it goes!

    Det var en gang to jenter som het Sandra og Alexandra. De likte veldig mye spennende, Som for eksempel skattejakter. Og en dag kom det et brev fra selveste kongen til Sandra og Alexandra, Sandra åpnet det og der sto det son her.
    Da for Sandra og Alexandra så fort de bare kunne til slottet og da de endelig kom fram var ikke kongen der for de hadde kommet feil de hadde løpt så fort at de for feil og da sa Alexandra at de hadde rotet seg bort, men de to jentene kikket inn i huset og så en kiste. De gikk inn i huset og så at det var ikke en vanlig kiste de hadde sett men det var en DRAKULA kiste de hadde sett. De to ble rede men det var ikke noe og være redd for. For de visste ikke at bak dem stod djevelen. Og da de snudde seg og så hvem som stod der, løp de så fort de kunne til slottet og heldigvis var kongen der. Det var tjenestepiken som åpnet døra. Da de kom inn sa kongen, dere må på en skattejakt. "Hvorfor det?" sa de i kor. Fordi dere må sa kongen. Ok! Sa de men hvor hen da. Se her sa kongen, det er det gamle djevelhuset. Men der har vi allerede vært sa de og vi vet hvor det er. Så da drar dere dit med en gang da sa kongen. Det gjør vi, sa de. Tusen takk, dere er så snille. Så da for de til huset igjen, og de lurte djevelen med at ute lå det et menneske som var død. Da for han ut av huset. Og etterpå kom de til en demon som elsket å spille sjakk. Så sa han, jeg flytter meg hvis dere blir med å spille sjakk. Da sa de ok! Og så var de ferdige med han og så kom de til den verste nemlig en stor diger kjøttetende dinosaur som brølte som bare det og han sa hvis dere vil ha skatten så kom å ta den. Men det mente han ikke, så det ble krig og de to ble helt utslitt etter kampen men de fikk tak i kista allikevel. Og faktisk så ble de venner. Og da de kom til kongen ble han kjempeglad så de fikk skatten. Og snipp snapp snute så var eventyret ute.


    Once upon a time there were two girls named Sandra and Alexandra. They liked alot of exciting things, like, for exampel, treasure hunts. And one day there came a letter from the King himself, Sandra opened the letter and it said.
    Soon Sandra and Alexandre were on their way to the castle and when they finally arrived the King wasn't there, they were at the wrong house, they had been running so fast and Alexandra said they were lost, but the two girls looked inside the house and saw a coffin. They went into the house and saw that there wasn't a normal coffin they had seen but it was a DRACULA coffin. They got scared but it wasn't anything to be scared of. Because they didn't know that behind them stood the devil himself. And when they turned around and saw who was standing there, they ran as fast as they could back to the castle and luckily, the King was there.  It was his maid that opened the door. When they got inside the King said they had to go on a treasure hunt. "Why?" they said in unison. Because you have to the King said. Okay! they said but where. Look, said the King, it's the old Devilhouse. Oh, but we're already been there said the two girls and we know where it is. Well, then I guess you can just go there right away then said the King. Yes, said Sandra and Alexandra. Thank you so much, you're so nice. 
    They went back to the house and tricked the devil to believe there was a corpse laying outside, and then he was gone. Afterwards there came a demon who loved to play chess. He said, I move if you play chess with me. They said okay! And then they were done with that and came to the biggest threath yet, a big, meatloving dinosaur that roared really loud and he said that if they wanted the treasure they could come get it, but he didn't mean that, so a war broke out. The two girls got completely exhausted after the fight, but they still managed to get the treasure. And they became friends with the dinosaur. When they got back to the King he got so happy so he gave the treasure to the two girls. And then they lived happily ever after.  

    As you may notice, I did not take the time to write the translation very correct, nor will I take the time to do that. This is what you get, so, deal with it. 



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    Fall 2011

    Here comes some pictures from the last time I was in PA, it's about a year ago now and I can't believe how time is flying by, soon I'll be there again, and I can't wait to see my friends and family again, especially since I get to see this adorable, little guy!

    Now, over to the pictures from last year.

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    I wish

    I wish I had someone who could take outfit pictures of me and stuff, but unfortunately, I don't. That's the main reason my blog is pretty boring to read, and also the reason I don't post very often. I lack inspiration and time, since pretty much all my time goes to studying. I'm on a train for three hours every day, that takes a lot of energy and when I get home I'm just so tired that I can't get anything done, but I try, and for me, that's what matters. 

    This is an old picture of me and my best friend, Emilie. 

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    The cutest pumpkin!

    Isn't he just adorable?

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    It's cold. The darkness is surrounding you as you see a bright red leaf fall to the ground.The wind is gushing through the air and the only thing you can hear is your footsteps. One step closer.Butterflies. Is that him?It can't be.It's only your mind playing tricks on you. Sadness. Where did those warm summer nights go? Did they dissapear into nothing? A broken heart, a fearless mind, but there's only so much one person can do. You miss him, don't you, honey? It's fall. And I can sense it in the air. 

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    Animals I just stumbled upon

    They're so majestic, it leaves me breathless.


    Aren't you just in awe? 
    What do you guys think?  



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    March 21st - March 31st

    I'll be in Pennsylvania again! I seriously can't wait, and hopefully nothing will get in my way of getting there! Let the countdown begin! 

    Can't wait to meet my sister and her little baby. 

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