I LOVE pink! (KathrineogBernt)
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I LOVE pink!

Let's talk about clothes... PINK clothes.
i <3 PINK! (Eww, not the singer, I'm not a lesbo, da-aaah. Although I <3 her music)

So let me show you some fierce and cute clothing pieces!

I want this dress, because it's CUTE. Totes!

I want this fluffy... dress? It's SUPER cute, rightttt?

And this... because it's SUPER vintage looking and CUTE. So cute!

And this one..OMG. So cute! I would wear this on daily basis.

This is my CHRISTMAS outfit for 2013. TOTALLYYYYYY! So cute. Omg. So cute. I wish that bow was pink, not red, da-ah!

Ooor maybe this one could be my Christmas outfit?

And this? Just for fun! SOO CUTE!

'CUZ it's cute. That's why. I guess.

And with this? SUMMER 2014 OUTFIT! <3

XOXOXOXOXO Kathrine (or Rune, hahahahaha?)

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