Where's the snow? (KathrineogBernt)
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Where's the snow?

It's January, but we have no snow. I haven't been to Sweden this year yet, which means I haven't gone skiing or snowmobiling. This is very sad. I'm busy though, with school and work, and that's about all I do. Oh, I sleep too. A lot. But I'm happy, and that's all that matters, right?

I took some outfitpictures today, since I realized it's been a while.

Summer, please come fast. Winter is boring without snow.


  • 24.01.2014 kl.13:05
    veldig fint antrekk og s kul strmpebukse :D
    24.01.2014 kl.13:11
    S fint! God helg.
    24.01.2014 kl.13:31
    Utrolig fint hr :) Er det din naturlige farge?:)<3
    24.01.2014 kl.13:36
    Y U so pretty? <3
    24.01.2014 kl.13:44
    Katharina Ursula: Tusentakk!
    24.01.2014 kl.13:45
    Maja: Takk! God helg :)
    24.01.2014 kl.13:45
    Linn Therese: Takk! :) Nei, har nok ikke rosa/lilla hr naturlig..
    24.01.2014 kl.13:45
    Marit: Marit <3
    24.01.2014 kl.13:58
    Syyykt fint outfit :-) kor har du kjpt strmpebuksa? :-)
    24.01.2014 kl.14:00
    Emilie: Takk :D Kjpt den p Primark i London

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