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favourite skirt

This is my favourite skirt. I wear it ALL THE TIME. If it's a party, I'll wear it, if I'm going out to dinner, I'll wear it, I wear it as often as possible, just because I think it looks good with anything. It's simple, and black. What more could you ask for?

Looking at these pictures you wouldn't believe it's February, but it is, and.. there's still no snow, which I'm okay with.. for now.


  • 05.02.2014 kl.17:44
    Fint skjrt :)
    05.02.2014 kl.19:44
    I love it <3 you're so beautiful (:
    05.02.2014 kl.23:03
    Alayna Meltzer: Awee,thank you!
    07.02.2014 kl.17:07
    h, s peeen <333

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