How is it Mars already? (KathrineogBernt)
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How is it Mars already?

I can't believe it's Mars already! It's crazy how fast time has passed. This year the weather has been really strange, I don't think we have had ANY snow here! I'm not complaining, but it's kinda sad to think about, what if there's snow in July?!

I just wanted to show you today's outfit, I went for a walk and took some pictures after school today, it was a bit windy so it was colder than it looks.

I brought my Diana Mini with me, to try and take some pictures, the only bad thing about it is, I don't really know how to use it yet, and you don't get to see the pictures until they're developed!

Right now I'm watching Paradise Hotel, a stupid, Norwegian reality show, and I just have to laugh, it's really stupid! Haha


  • 04.03.2014 kl.22:05
    Herlig blogg! nsker deg en fin kveld videre :)
    06.03.2014 kl.02:12
    fina <3
    06.03.2014 kl.13:58
    emiliesv: duu <3

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