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flowers are a girls best friend

I love flowers, I can not say it enough! I love flowers in a vase, making a room look much prettier, my favourites are pink roses by the way. I also love them on clothes and shoes! If I could, I would have flowers on everything! Even my car. It's that bad, what can I say,diamondsflowers are a girls best friend.

Here's todays outfit

Please ignore my very awkward poses.

I did wear a cardigan today, eventhough it was over 20 degrees celcius! (well, that was in the sun)

Anyways, I did this post mainly because I want to postpone doing my assignment as much as possible, but I guess that's inevitable right now.. Wish me luck, I'll need it!

  • 04.04.2014 kl.18:51
    Oh my god! S sykt fine bilda! No fikk skikkelig sommerstemning! Kjempefin <3
    04.04.2014 kl.19:58
    emiliesv: Takk :-) vil ha sommer nu! :(
    16.04.2014 kl.22:54

    Very cute ! :D


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