I made a skirt! (KathrineogBernt)
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I made a skirt!

Since school's finally done for the summer I have nothing to do except go to work, but since I'm not working 24/7 I need something else to do, and yesterday I figured out I should try to sew a skirt, and I did. The funny thing is, it actually turned out quite nice! I did get some help from my mom though, so I can't take all the credit, I tried to take some Pictures, but they didn't turn out good, but I'm going to post some anyways!

What do you think?


  • 18.06.2014 kl.14:03
    S nydelig det ble!
    18.06.2014 kl.14:13
    Det vart kjmpefint! :-D
    18.06.2014 kl.14:37
    Aase: Tusentakk C <3
    18.06.2014 kl.14:37
    livjudit: Takk :D
    18.06.2014 kl.18:21
    damn, det vart jo kjmpefint! Kom hit en dag lr m sy :-D og vil ha hjemmesnekra skjrt!
    18.06.2014 kl.22:10
    emiliesv: hh takk! Det e itj s fint nr du sjer det nrme da haha
    23.06.2014 kl.19:59
    S fint! :D
    25.06.2014 kl.17:49
    Sol Runesdttir: Tusentakk! :)

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