Looking back on 2016 part 2 (KathrineogBernt)
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Looking back on 2016 part 2

Earlier this week I wrote about the first three months of 2016. They consisted of snow, snow and even more snow. Today I'm going to walk down memory lane and look at April and May. 


In April I captured a funny picture of Elmo chilling. 

I also got a haircut, and freshened up my color. Looking back it was really short!

In the middle of April,it was my fathers birthday. This was celebrated with a 50's themeparty. 

I tried using hairrollers to curl my hair. 

It didnt turn out that bad actually. I wore my all time favourite dress. I bought it at Macy's back in 2013 when they launched their Marilyn Monroe collection!

Lene and I had a little photoshoot outside by my brothers Ford. 

Here's some of the decor. A friend of my father actually made the sofa out of an old car!


Then came May. It brought cozy spring nights and somewhat warm days. On snapchat you could now see everyone using the flowerfilter, including me.

Elmo, my mom and I went on a few hikes.

May was also filled with a lot of studying, as I was writing my bachelor. But instead of burying myself in books all day long, I bought an old bicycle from the 70's. I was determined to fix it up!

As you can see, its original colour was yellow, the tires were in really bad condition and there was a lot to do. 

Before and after. 

Eventhough I worked hard on my bike, I didnt finish it in May, considering I did have to study as well. Studying became boring, and I did take some breaks, apparently to take selfies of myself and my outfits. 

I liked the countrygirl look..

In May we also celebrated Norways constitutionday! We dressed up in our bunads, watched the kids parade and ate good food! 

Later, after being done with my bachelor, I was relaxing outside, and tanning. It was that warm!

We had bbq's in the backyard, which is always a lot of fun! Especially with these two! All in all, spring 2016 was good. I finally finished my bachelorsdegree, worked a lot, partied some and just had fun with everyone I know! 


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