Looking back on 2016 part 3, Going to USA (KathrineogBernt)
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Looking back on 2016 part 3, Going to USA

June. June was a month I'll never forget. I graduated college with some amazing people. It was the start of summer, so there were some late nights and I went on the best roadtrip in the US. 

First of all I finished my bikeproject, and I think it looks very cute!

I worked as a substitute teacher at a local elementary school, we went on a hike, and saw this dead animal, or skeleton I should say..

I got to know some of my bf's best friends, and have since become friends with them myself. We tried this game, and it was... interesting.

The weekend after that, it was time for VMMLFESTIVALEN. A yearly festival we have here in Verdal. All the locals dress up in old clothes, walk in a weird parade and later go out to a local ''park'', listen to vmmlmusic and just have a great weekend. It all starts, for me at least, with bingo night!

Here you can see my lovely vmmloutfit! I was at work and had to hurry to get to the bingo in time. So stressfull.

The rest of the weekend went a little like this;

Here you can see Lene is trying her best to play both the guitar and the harmonica at the same time. Let me tell you one thing though, she's not a musician! 

Friday, June 10th (I think), was our graduation day. Now our graduation is not anything like you have in the US. We gathered at school, ate great food, took some pictures, got a diploma and a rose, then went out to different parties. It was an awesome night, and the best way to end four great years.

You can abviously tell how happy we were! Oh, and if you're wandering what I graduated as, I'm now a teacher with a bachelors degree.

Now after all this, I was ready to go home and relax. But you know what, I couldn't do that, because I had to pack! First stop; Atlanta, Georgia!

We were waiting at the airport, watching over the luggage while the others were getting the cars.. As you can see, we were tired, and the humidity was CRAZY. 

Finally, we were able to leave the airport and we stopped at a Ruby Tuesday's to eat dinner, before we hit the road. We drove a while, before checking into a hotel. The next day we were ready to go to Lynchburg, Tennessee, to the Jack Daniels distillery. While we were there we also went into Historic Lynchburg to eat and go sightseeing. It was a cute little place!

A barrell house

This safe actually killed Jack Daniels himself

So excited.

NASHVILLE. Home of everything country. Boots were everywhere! Seriously. It was crazy. 

Nashville is also home of the Johnny Cash museum. 

After a few days in Nashville, we went over to Jackson, Tennessee, to the Rock-a-billy hall of fame museum. There we met an old guy named Henry. What a character! I've never laughed so much ever! If you're ever in Jackson, or passing by and have a few hours to spare, go there! You will not regret it.

In Memphis we stayed right next to Graceland, home of Elvis Presley! We liked Memphis so much we stayed here the longest. A full three nights! While we were there though, I got an ear infection.. We still managed to go downtown, walk down Beale st., see Sun Studios, Graceland and a pyramide-shaped building wich was actually an outdoor shop. The hotel we stayed at had the coolest pool, shaped like a guitar!

What was cool about the studio was that it looked exactly the same way it did back in the middle of the 50s, when Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash recorded there! 

Nothing beat Graceland though. It was perfect! We got to see the mansion, his backyard, the car museum, his airplanes and so much more! 

Elvis sat and played this piano just hours before he passed away. 

This is Lisa Marie, Elvis also had another plane, which was a lot smaller. This plane was just too much. He had decorations made out of gold everywhere! You could tell someone rich owned this plane. 

Here we are at the top of the pyramidebuilding.

Our last stop before hitting Florida, was New Orleans. None of us were that amazed by the city itself. Maybe because we walked straight to Bourbon street, which is not tourist friendly. The rest was okay. We tried gumbo, which I will not eat again. Sorry. Not impressed. While we were in New Orleans we did go on a steamboat called Natchez, on the Mississippi river, which was a cool experience!

I have to say though, that the old buildings around French Quarter was absolutely beatiful, and I would like to have seen more of them. Besides, New Orleans has a very interesting history, with all the witches and voodoo going on. We went into some creepy stores, but didnt buy anything!

Next stop, FLORIDA. First of all, I love Florida and Orlando. I've been there before, and I'll go there again. On the way to Orlando, we stopped in Panama City Beach, just to say we've been swimming in the Mexico Gulf. The water there was amazing, so warm! I didnt want to leave!

I could move there.

 When we finally arrived at our house, we just wanted to relax for a few days. Before going out to Old Town, Kissimmee and Disney World. Young at heart <3

This was right outside our patio.. They said there were alligators in the pond, but we never saw anyone.

As you can see, I need some help with my pictures. No matter what I do, they will not be posted the right way.. It's really annoying! Anyways, here you see Lene and I very excited to finally be going to Magic Kingdom. Now, I'd been there before, but Lene hadn't. We were still equally excited though. 

Pluto! The line was waaaay too long for Minnie, so we decided to take a photo with Pluto instead. 

Mandatory boyfriend/girlfriend picture in front of the castle.

Someone's not that into heights and big drops..

That's all from June! I do have some pictures of the fireworks at Disney as well, but they're not on the computer yet, sooo.. I might post some more later, if you guys want me to. 

June was awesome, and July was as well. I'm not going to have any more pictures in this post though, as it would be too long. So July will come someday later in a post on its own. We didn't leave Florida until July 9th, I think, so there's some pictures from that time. We went to Universal Island of Adventures, which I LOVE, because Harry Potter obviously.. but, more on that later! 




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