Looking back on 2016 part 4 (KathrineogBernt)
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Looking back on 2016 part 4

In the last post I showed you pictures of my trip to the US this summer, and since we were there from June until July, I still have some photos to show you. So lets just start with that.


Warning, this post contains a lot of pictures of me posing in front of Harry Potter attractions. 

The fourth of July we made plans to go see the fireworks someplace near Kissimmee in Florida, so we got all dressed up! Before the fireworks we wanted to play some minigolf. The golf course had baby alligators you could hold, and I really wanted to do that.


As you can see the sun was shining and everything was great. About half an hour later though it was pouring! Our firework plans fell through and we just went back to the house after the game. 

One day in July my brother, Lene, Tor and I decided to go in a helicopter! It was so awesome! The flight didn't last long, I wished we were in the air for a longer time, but maybe I get to try it again someday.

Who doesn't like a picture being upsidedown? ...

I think this was on one of our many shopping and chill days. In Florida we wanted to relax a little after driving all over the country the weeks before. We still wanted to experience cool stuff though, so we tried to do a bit of both. 

One day we drove out to the worlds most famous beach; Daytona!! It's HUGE. And yes, they drive their cars on the beach! This day was also cut short as another thunderstorm was on its way. As we were lying, tanning on the beach, we saw people start to pack their things and head for their cars. When we looked up at the sky, we understood why. The guards at the beach started to tell people it was closed and to head home. Just as we were all in our cars, the rain started pouring down! It was crazy! Everyone wanted to get off the beach at once, which created chaos. It was still a nice day though. 

One of the last things we did in Florida, was go to Universal Orlando Resort. We decided to go to the Isle of Adventure, as my brother and I had been there before. We were nine people going there together, and we all had a blast! It was so much fun and I went on so many rides I didn't five years ago. I think it was my favourite day! Mostly because of the Harry Potter park they have there. Now, I know they've built Diagon Alley as well, but Hogsmeade is bigger, and that's why I wanted to go there. Plus, Isle of Adventure has the Jurassic Park attraction and I was just dying to see Lene's face as the huge T-Rex roars at us as we go down the big hill!

This was my outift for the day. I was also wearing bright pink shoes..

Twins <3 I had to change my hair since my bf didnt like it :(


A dream come true. Standing outside of the entrance to Dumbledore's office. 

If you don't get a Butterbeer when you're at Universal, what's the point in going?

Hogwarts express. Now, if you're a person that knows me, you might remember that I, three years ago was in London on a school trip, and kinda forced my two friends to go to platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station with me. This day I forced everyone to go everywhere with me! I loved it.

Now, that's all the pictures I'm going to post from Universal. I do have many more, but you would just get tired of me standing in front of everything Harry Potter themed.. 

After being in Florida for a while, departure day arrived. It was a sad day. Our plane was leaving Atlanta, flying to New York, then Amsterdam and home to Trondheim. Because of some delayed and therefore missed flights, we got a day, or a few hours in New York. We walked on Wall Street, saw the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty from far away. Our hotel was right next to ground zero, so of course we went there to have a look. 

Sunday, July 9th we were back home in Verdal after almost a month away! I have so many memories and fun things to look back at from this trip. Now all I want to do is explore more! 

Later in July I was at a birthdayparty. It was lovely.


I also tried to get back in shape and went on a few hikes.

And I went tanning right next to my bf's apartment.

July was amazing. The whole summer was amazing actually. I hope this summer will bring as many memories and good stories as the last one did. 





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