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My first movie

I'm going to post the movie I made at school just a couple of weeks ago. It's my first animated movie ever, and it's been hard. We had to draw the pictures, then do something in Photoshop, before we started in Adobe After Effects, which I'd never used before. It was hard, and here's the result. Hope you like it!


I know it ends kinda abruptly, but, I got tired of it and just wanted to be done with it. Don't judge. 

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    Almost there

    One more class to go, then I'm off to sleep and relax for a week. Have a nice easter-break everyone! I sure will.


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    shoes and fashion

    So while I'm laying in bed and feeling terrible I try to do homework but I also look at shoes and fashion. And The Bachelor, eventhough I've watched the whole season earlier, it's still a pretty good show. (Don't hate me for saying that.) And as always, I'm dreaming about Pennsylvania and New York. I find myself falling deeper and deeper into a dream about the big appple, and I can't see my future anywhere.

    I can't be the only one that's in love with this style? Cute socks in shoes. And a pretty summerdress. It can't get any better than that!

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    Big Bang

    I know my blogposts aren't exactly inspiring or anything like that, but as I said earlier I'm not feeling well, so when I got a text saying I could pick up my cozy, warm and fuzzy jacket at the post-office I practically jumped out of my bed and drove right there. It's sooooooo amazing! I love it. 

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    Right now I'm just laying in bed, listening to the rain, and I'm trying to relax. I'm not really feeling good, and decided to stay home from school. I hope I get some of my homework done, but I'm not sure. I hope all of you have a great day though! 

    And I want my hair to be pink again. 

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    I often find myself in random places. My imagination is running wild and all I want to do is to write a book or make something, but I can't. I'm also dreaming of that warm, summer feeling, and being tan, wearing the perfect white, lace dress with a summer hat and curly hair. Summer, I miss you. 

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    So I know I said I was going to blog almost everyday, but during the weekends I'm really busy, and most of them I spend with my family in our trailer in Sweden. We have two snowmobiles there and there's also the skiing opportunity. I love it, and that's why I don't have the time to blog. This week is going to be crazy. I have several papers to write and some other school stuff. Lets just say I'm really happy easterbreak is coming up! 

    New York, how I miss you!

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    I've decided to actually start blogging again, but I'm going to write in English, or try to at least. I can't promise to blog everyday, but I'll try my best, and I'll see if this works. Now I'm going to show you all a song the seniors at my school made to remember the ones we lost this summer. 


    If you want to, I can try to translate it. 

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    It's so hard to say
    But I've gotta do what's best for me
    You'll be ok..

    I've got to move on and be who I am
    I just don't belong here
    I hope you understand
    We might find our place
    In this world someday
    But at least for now
    I gotta go my own way

    Aldri har en sang beskrevet så godt hva jeg føler. 

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    Right now I'm sitting at school. Making a movie. Or, trying to. It's not really going well. But, I'll try. 

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    KONY 2012

    Jeg oppfordrer alle til å se denne filmen. Den varer i 27 minutter, men det er verdt det! 

    KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

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    Ti første

    første bestevenn:
    første kjærlighet: Curtis
    første favorittbok: Harry Potter
    første husdyr: Lulu en mops
    første ferie: Husker ikke
    første jobb: Vaskin for TRS
    første ekte kjærlighet: Curtis
    første piercing: Ørene
    første kjole: Husker jeg hvertfall ikke
    første konsert: IDOL 2005, men første ekte konserten var Tokio Hotel i 2009 eller 2008

    Ni siste:
    siste alkoholholdige drikk
    : Hvitvin 
    siste biltur: Til skolen i dag
    siste filmen du så: Drive
    siste telefonsamtale: I går, snakket med mormor
    siste sang du hørte: Yiruma - When the love falls
    siste kyss: I morges
    siste venn du så: Lars
    siste gangen du gråt: Fikk tårer i øynene en time siden 
    siste måltid: Yoghurt

    Åtte - har du noen gang:

    blitt forelsket i en venn:
    kjørt en bil: Jepp
    sovet under ett tre: Nei
    fått hjertet ditt knust: Ja
    tulleringt: Mhm
    sagt at du elsket noen,uten å ment det: Nei
    har skrevet ett dikt: Ja
    vært i austalia: Nei

    Sju ting du har på deg akkurat no:
    1. Sokker.
    2. Bh.
    3. Bukse. 
    4. Truse.
    5.  Converse
    6.  Ring
    7. Smykke

    Seks ting du har gjort i dag.
    1. Stått opp
    2. Spist frokost
    3. Drukket te
    4. Spist yoghurt
    5. Gjort tysk lekse
    6. Hørt musikk

    Fem personer som kjenner deg ut og inn
    1. Lars 
    2. Autumn
    3. Curtis

    Fire favoritting:
    1. Kjæresten
    2. Bøker
    3. 50 tallet
    4. Kjoler

    Tre valg

    vinter, sommer høst eller vår?
    blomster eller busker? Blomster
    sukker eller salt? Sukker

    En ting du ønsker mer enn noe annet:
    Drømmen min i oppfyllelse

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    The Nester family.

    About a year ago, I met the most amazing family in the world. They took me into their home, without even knowing who I was. All they knew was that I had been living with someone for at least 6 months, and I couldn't do it anymore. I knew only one person from that family. Kait. After just a couple of weeks, I felt that I was a part of the new family. That I had gotten 4 new sister, a father and a mother. An american family. And pets. Alot of them. I miss them all everyday, and I can't wait to see them again, I'm just not sure when that's going to be, but I hope sometime around the end of summer, start of fall, because Kait and Drew are going to have a baby girl at that time. 

    They saved my year as an exchange student, and eventhough I went through alot with my first family, I'm so glad I decided to stay for my whole year. And I feel blessed. And I know there was a reason I had to go through all of the bad things, because if I hadn't, I would never have met them. 

    In other news. Yesterday I applied to Kutztown University. It's scary, and I hope I get accepted, if not, well, then I'll have to attend some university here in Norway. There's just one problem with the whole american dream, they never let you know how hard it is to leave someone you love. I've done it once before, and it's not fun. I'm glad I still have a couple of months to decide. 

    I love you all so so so much, and I miss you everyday! 

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    Opiumpoppies is a blog that i follow on Tumblr, and she's absolutely amazing!


    I can’t wait for the cherry blossom trees to bloom here in the city again this spring! It’s always my favorite time of the year.

Oh, child of the moon, bid the sun arise (by Elle Ribera)


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    Tilbakeblikk #1

    You've probably seen all of these before, but I want to go back sooooo bad! I miss it everyday, and I think about my family almost every minute. 

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    5 months today  wihuuuuuuu <3 going  to a party,so I'll talk to you guys later. 

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    I love Taylor Momsen, but I like the way she used to be, not the way she is now.

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