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The 11 question game

Okay, so here it goes. I was challenged by some blogger to answer these questions. Let's go!

1. if you could only eat one thing for breakfast the rest of your life, what would it be?
- fruitsalad.
2. travel the world with the same people for the rest of your life or live in the same house until you die?
- Travel the world with the same people for the rest of my life. That way I could meet new people and see the whole wide world, which has always been a dream of mine.
3. one thing you wish were healthy?
- Chocolate and white wine.
4. rain four days a week all year or never again see a cherry blossom?
- Never again see a cherry blossom. I've only seen them on pictures anyways.. Besides, there's ALOT of other extremely beatiful flowers out there.
5. your favorite blog?
- Too hard. I have no idea. I read some many each day, I can't choose a favourite.
6. that movie that you see when you?re home alone for the weekend and you make hot chocolate and eat pizza or toast for dinner?
- The Notebook.
7. the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
- Kiss my boyfriend goodnight.
8. why is your best friend your best friend?
- Because I can trust him/her, and we always have fun.
9. biggest guilty pleasure?
- Biggest guilty pleasure.. I actually like listening to Jesse McCartney, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.
10. a life without fruit or never having curtains?
11. if you could add a bodypart, what would it be and where would you have it?
- Add a bodypart? I guess I would have another eye in my neck hahaha, that would be cool.

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    Easter 2012 and other things.

    I have now, finally, after 6 years with finals, had my last one. And it went horrible! I was supposed to update my blog earlier, like, right after easter-break, but the thing is, school's crazy right now! Tomorrow I have a history test, thursday it's traffic day for the seniors, and on friday I also have a test! CRAZY. I'm so glad May starts next week though. Party! :D
    Well, I don't really know what to say. So... again, follow me on twitter and instagram! My name is Kathrinexx on both. I update regulary there.Oh, wait, I do have something to share! I've gotten accepted at three schools now. They're only for a year though, and just for "fun", so I don't know..

    Here are some pictures of what I did this easter.

    I ate ALOT of candy. Too much :(

    I did homework.

    It snowed..

    so me, Lars and his sister Stine, made a snowman. A snowman with attitude.

    A couple of days later I hung out with this thing.

    This guy..

    .. and these people

    I also found the first symbol of spring. Finally!

    It was a great easter, and i travelled all over the place!


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    Just had to show you guys this.

    Parental Autocorrects

    This.Is.Amazing. I died a little.

    Oh, so I have Instagram, you all should follow me, I update that much more often. So, follow, Kathrinexx. Thank you!

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    New favorite webshop

    I just found a great webshop, not only does it have pretty clothes, it even has great pictures for inspiration! Here are some examples. (the pictures are linked)

    Sweet Cat Detail Lace-up Waist Skirt

    Elegant Beige Princess Fluffy Skirt with Lacy Hemline

    Pleated Mini Skirt with Artifical Pearls

    Retro Sweet Beading Knitting Yarn Skirt

    Great, aren't they?

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    Today's my dad's birthday. He's getting older by the minute, but I still love him. Happy Birthday!

    Picture from NYC this past summer.

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    Easter is almost over and I'm finally done with all of my homework. Almost. I still have some left, but luckily I don't have to do it until next week. I just made a powerpoint presentation and was going to send it in, then I realized, I couldn't. Stupid technology, never works the way it's supposed to.

    Nyc this past summer.

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    Spring? Not here.

    As I woke this morning and went to check the weather I got a shock. Snow. Alot of it. And here I thought spring was finally on it's way. Guess I was wrong. On the other side, SUNSHINE! But I'm stuck inside doing homework. Yay. I might take a break though and go for a walk. Maybe, possibly, I'll do it. I need the exercise.

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