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My weekend

This weekend was spent with family, friends and sunshine. And some old american cars, which, I love and adore. Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment!

This car used to be my parents', until they sold it, I was so sad.

Some muscle cars.


The last picture is of a Mustang 67', I really want one of those, only it has to be red. So, if anyone wants to get me one, I'm all for it! Haha

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    Love it

    This week has been the best! We've had such great weather her, and yesterday Lars, my dad and I put the pool up. The water is freezing. It's seriously only 10 degrees Celcius, so, not warm. But it's still good to have, just in case the sun gets too warm, which it apparently did yesterday, since I've gotten a sunburn on my back and arms. I can only blame myself though, because I didn't have any sunscreen on. Anyways, now I'm taking a break from the sun, and I'm doing some homework. We don't have any classes left, but I have one project due next week, it's really simple, I just have to make a blog and post four posts on it, but it has to be about the things we've done in the subject this year, so, sadly, I can't use this blog. You're welcome to check it out here.

    Okay, so I look absolutely horrible in this picture, but yeah, filling up the pool!

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    Hei. Jeg deltar i en konkurranse HER hos Ina (Mewkid). Hun virker kjempest, og er utrolig fargerik. Digger henne! Sjekk ut bloggen hennes, det er verdt det.

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    Time flies by so fast, you just sit there, admiring it, and suddenly, it's gone. What can you do about it? Nothing. Not a damned thing. And it's sad. Everyhting's sad. In only a couple of weeks I'll be done here. And I don't know where life will take me. I only know one thing, I want to have you by my side. All of you.

    These last weeks have been amazing! And I've done alot of stuff I never thought I was going to. Like barking in front of the dogfood at a grocery store for three minutes, drink 0,50 dl alcohol with tampons in my mouth and so on. I've figured stuff out, and I know who will always be there for me.

    I also covered the principal's car in post-its. Awesome.

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    Yesterday we had the best weather in a loooong time! Unfortunately I had homework to do so I sat inside (it's hard to see the computerscreen when it's sunny), but I got to enjoy the sun a little bit. I also took a picture with my boyfriend.

    Love you ;*

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    I'm going to write this in norwegian.

    Okei, s, siden jeg er russ i r var det jo russedp og feiring i gr. Jeg gikk la meg utrolig tidlig egentlig, snn i 12-tiden. Huff. Hadde ftt nok drikke, og var bare trett, men gy var det! Kommer noen bilder.

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