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Last night it started snowing, I thought, like everyone else, oh this will just go away, there wont be any on the ground. I was wrong. This morning I woke up to a winterwonderland. Too bad I haven't changed the tires on my car yet, hopefully my father can take care of that as soon as possible. Anyways, here are some pictures!

Is there any snow where you are?

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    Got an early birthday/christmas present!

    Yesterday my boyfriend came home with a gift for me. And guess what! I am now the owner of a Polaroid Z340 camera! I'm so happy and i can't wait to learn more about how it works and to start using it. This will definitely be in my suitcase in March! I love it!

    I'll try to post some pictures taken with it when I get the chance!

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    Look what I found!

    I was going through some old stuff in our basement, and I found a "book" that my teacher made for my class. It contains stories, scary stories, that we wrote in 2003, which means, it's pretty old. I thought it was quite funny, and therefore I'm going to share it in my blog today, the only problem is, it's on norwegian, so I'll post it as I originally wrote it, and maybe I'll take the time to translate it. Anyways, here it goes!

    Det var en gang to jenter som het Sandra og Alexandra. De likte veldig mye spennende, Som for eksempel skattejakter. Og en dag kom det et brev fra selveste kongen til Sandra og Alexandra, Sandra pnet det og der sto det son her.
    Da for Sandra og Alexandra s fort de bare kunne til slottet og da de endelig kom fram var ikke kongen der for de hadde kommet feil de hadde lpt s fort at de for feil og da sa Alexandra at de hadde rotet seg bort, men de to jentene kikket inn i huset og s en kiste. De gikk inn i huset og s at det var ikke en vanlig kiste de hadde sett men det var en DRAKULA kiste de hadde sett. De to ble rede men det var ikke noe og vre redd for. For de visste ikke at bak dem stod djevelen. Og da de snudde seg og s hvem som stod der, lp de s fort de kunne til slottet og heldigvis var kongen der. Det var tjenestepiken som pnet dra. Da de kom inn sa kongen, dere m p en skattejakt. "Hvorfor det?" sa de i kor. Fordi dere m sa kongen. Ok! Sa de men hvor hen da. Se her sa kongen, det er det gamle djevelhuset. Men der har vi allerede vrt sa de og vi vet hvor det er. S da drar dere dit med en gang da sa kongen. Det gjr vi, sa de. Tusen takk, dere er s snille. S da for de til huset igjen, og de lurte djevelen med at ute l det et menneske som var dd. Da for han ut av huset. Og etterp kom de til en demon som elsket spille sjakk. S sa han, jeg flytter meg hvis dere blir med spille sjakk. Da sa de ok! Og s var de ferdige med han og s kom de til den verste nemlig en stor diger kjttetende dinosaur som brlte som bare det og han sa hvis dere vil ha skatten s kom ta den. Men det mente han ikke, s det ble krig og de to ble helt utslitt etter kampen men de fikk tak i kista allikevel. Og faktisk s ble de venner. Og da de kom til kongen ble han kjempeglad s de fikk skatten. Og snipp snapp snute s var eventyret ute.

    Once upon a time there were two girls named Sandra and Alexandra. They liked alot of exciting things, like, for exampel, treasure hunts. And one day there came a letter from the King himself, Sandra opened the letter and it said.
    Soon Sandra and Alexandre were on their way to the castle and when they finally arrived the King wasn't there, they were at the wrong house, they had been running so fast and Alexandra said they were lost, but the two girls looked inside the house and saw a coffin. They went into the house and saw that there wasn't a normal coffin they had seen but it was a DRACULA coffin. They got scared but it wasn't anything to be scared of. Because they didn't know that behind them stood the devil himself. And when they turned around and saw who was standing there, they ran as fast as they could back to the castle and luckily, the King was there. It was his maid that opened the door. When they got inside the King said they had to go on a treasure hunt. "Why?" they said in unison. Because you have to the King said. Okay! they said but where. Look, said the King, it's the old Devilhouse. Oh, but we're already been there said the two girls and we know where it is. Well, then I guess you can just go there right away then said the King. Yes, said Sandra and Alexandra. Thank you so much, you're so nice.
    They went back to the house and tricked the devil to believe there was a corpse laying outside, and then he was gone. Afterwards there came a demon who loved to play chess. He said, I move if you play chess with me. They said okay! And then they were done with that and came to the biggest threath yet, a big, meatloving dinosaur that roared really loud and he said that if they wanted the treasure they could come get it, but he didn't mean that, so a war broke out. The two girls got completely exhausted after the fight, but they still managed to get the treasure. And they became friends with the dinosaur. When they got back to the King he got so happy so he gave the treasure to the two girls. And then they lived happily ever after.

    As you may notice, I did not take the time to write the translation very correct, nor will I take the time to do that. This is what you get, so, deal with it.


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    Fall 2011

    Here comes some pictures from the last time I was in PA, it's about a year ago now and I can't believe how time is flying by, soon I'll be there again, and I can't wait to see my friends and family again, especially since I get to see this adorable, little guy!

    Now, over to the pictures from last year.

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    I wish

    I wish I had someone who could take outfit pictures of me and stuff, but unfortunately, I don't. That's the main reason my blog is pretty boring to read, and also the reason I don't post very often. I lack inspiration and time, since pretty much all my time goes to studying. I'm on a train for three hours every day, that takes a lot of energy and when I get home I'm just so tired that I can't get anything done, but I try, and for me, that's what matters.

    This is an old picture of me and my best friend, Emilie.

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    The cutest pumpkin!

    Isn't he just adorable?

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    It's cold. The darkness is surrounding you as you see a bright red leaf fall to the ground.The wind is gushing through the air and the only thing you can hear is your footsteps. One step closer.Butterflies. Is that him?It can't be.It's only your mind playing tricks on you. Sadness. Where did those warm summer nights go? Did they dissapear into nothing? A broken heart, a fearless mind, but there's only so much one person can do. You miss him, don't you, honey?It's fall. And I can sense it in the air.

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    Animals I just stumbled upon

    They're so majestic, it leaves me breathless.


    Aren't you just in awe?
    What do you guys think?

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