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Fall 2016, part 2

I promised you some more pictures from yesterday, and here they are. 

I feel like I do this more for me, then anyone else. I like editing photos, and I like taking them, so maybe I'll try to do it more often.. I don't promise anything though, so don't take my word for it.

That's it for now. Hope you like some of these pictures. And please let me know what you want me to blog about. Otherwise it'll just be me taking ''selfies'' and posting them. 



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    Fall 2016

    So.. It's been a while. Like, two years. A lot has happened in the last couple of years, here's just some of it.

    I graduated college.
    I got a boyfriend.
    I've had a wide variety of haircolors, I was a brunette at one point actually.
    I've seen all of Gilmore Girls and can't wait for the revival this November.
    I went on a roadtrip this summer. I visited Jackson, Nashville, Memphis, New York, Orlando, Tampa, New Orleans, Lynchburg and probably some other places, but I can't rememer them all right now. It was probably one of the best vacations I've ever had.
    Oh yeah, and I got a new car! 

    That's some highlights from the past. 

     I thought about just letting this blog die out naturally, but today I was bored, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to pack my camera and go somewhere to take pictures. Here are some of the pictures I took. They're all of me though, so not very interesting..

    That's all for today! I'm going to continue and try to edit some of them, and then post them tomorrow, I think.

    Please comment, and let me know if you want me to start blogging again!



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    New haircolor.. again

    Some people think that I dye my hair way too much, but in reality I only dye it every other month, which isn't that bad, the only thing is, it's a different color almost everytime. This time my cousin wanted to try to make a purple ombre, so he did. I like it, because it's not too bright.Here are some pictures of my outfit today and my hair!

    I see the quality on the pictures really suck, sorry about that... anyways, what do you think about my new hair and what should I try next time?


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    I made a skirt!

    Since school's finally done for the summer I have nothing to do except go to work, but since I'm not working 24/7 I need something else to do, and yesterday I figured out I should try to sew a skirt, and I did. The funny thing is, it actually turned out quite nice! I did get some help from my mom though, so I can't take all the credit, I tried to take some Pictures, but they didn't turn out good, but I'm going to post some anyways!

    What do you think?


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    Thursday's outfit!

    In a lack of imagination and stuff to write about I'm just going to post my outfit from Thursday. The dress I'm wearing is one of my favourites, and I can't wait until summer so that I can wear it all the time without a sweater and stockings..I have to say though, the weather here has been really nice the last couple of days and life couldn't have been better (maybe it has something to do with my pink hair?)


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    Cotton candy

    My hair is pink! Finally! I love it! It looks like cotton candy!

    And the weather is finally warming up! Summer is just around the corner (I hope). It's still a bit chilly in the shade though, but hey, it doesn't matter!

    -What are your plans for today? I have to go to work..


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    flowers are a girls best friend

    I love flowers, I can not say it enough! I love flowers in a vase, making a room look much prettier, my favourites are pink roses by the way. I also love them on clothes and shoes! If I could, I would have flowers on everything! Even my car. It's that bad, what can I say,diamondsflowers are a girls best friend.

    Here's todays outfit

    Please ignore my very awkward poses.

    I did wear a cardigan today, eventhough it was over 20 degrees celcius! (well, that was in the sun)

    Anyways, I did this post mainly because I want to postpone doing my assignment as much as possible, but I guess that's inevitable right now.. Wish me luck, I'll need it!

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    April Fools

    I haven't been fooled yet! I think that's some kind of record for me! I do, however, got the blues. I just saw the final episode of How I met your mother, it was really good, and not at all what I excpected! I love that show, and now I have to find another one to watch. Any ideas?

    Anyways, I just wanted to show you my outfit for today, I wore one of my favourite dresses, but since it's still a bit cold here in Norway I had to put something over it, and I figured the blue shirt would work.

    Oh, I went to Oslo last week, and I haven't posted any pictures yet, I'll do that later this week!

    Did anyone pull a prank on you today?


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    How is it Mars already?

    I can't believe it's Mars already! It's crazy how fast time has passed. This year the weather has been really strange, I don't think we have had ANY snow here! I'm not complaining, but it's kinda sad to think about, what if there's snow in July?!

    I just wanted to show you today's outfit, I went for a walk and took some pictures after school today, it was a bit windy so it was colder than it looks.

    I brought my Diana Mini with me, to try and take some pictures, the only bad thing about it is, I don't really know how to use it yet, and you don't get to see the pictures until they're developed!

    Right now I'm watching Paradise Hotel, a stupid, Norwegian reality show, and I just have to laugh, it's really stupid! Haha


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    favourite skirt

    This is my favourite skirt. I wear it ALL THE TIME. If it's a party, I'll wear it, if I'm going out to dinner, I'll wear it, I wear it as often as possible, just because I think it looks good with anything. It's simple, and black. What more could you ask for?

    Looking at these pictures you wouldn't believe it's February, but it is, and.. there's still no snow, which I'm okay with.. for now.


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    Where's the snow?

    It's January, but we have no snow. I haven't been to Sweden this year yet, which means I haven't gone skiing or snowmobiling. This is very sad. I'm busy though, with school and work, and that's about all I do. Oh, I sleep too. A lot. But I'm happy, and that's all that matters, right?

    I took some outfitpictures today, since I realized it's been a while.

    Summer, please come fast. Winter is boring without snow.


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    What I wore

    This post isn't just a little delayed, it should have been posted weeks ago! Anyways, I have a picture of me in my christmas outfit, and I thought maybe you wanted to see.

    I love my dress, it sparkles! And, as you might see, I also dyed my hair.

    Happy New Year, I hope it's a great one!


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    All bundled up

    Yup, winter is upon us. This morning there was a lot of frost on the ground, and it's still there. This means I have to pull out my wintercoats, fluffy hats and scarfs. But I like it. This is how I look almost everyday during winter, I just wear different things.

    By the way, I am wearing a skirt, it just doesn't show.. And, I don't have school or work tomorrow, so my weekend starts now! :D


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    Pink hat and blue stockings

    It's almost time to find those beanies and hats everyone, and I love it! Winter is just around the corner, and soon the ground will be covered in white,fluffy, delicious snow. I can't wait!

    This is today's outfit, a skirt, big sweater, beanie and black, plaine shoes (which you can't see in the picture)


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    November already?

    I can't believe it's already november, time is flying by way too fast and before I know it I'll be 20 (!!!) And then I wont be a kid anymore.. which is sad, because I'll always be a kid at heart. Anyways, just wanted to show you today's outfit. It includes a sparkly sweater and one of my favorite dresses! Needles to say, I like it.

    - What are your plans this friday night? I have to work..


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    I know my blog has been really boring lately, and there's a reason for that. I'm boring. I'm tired all the time, and I feel like I can't ever get enough sleep and I look like a zombie right out of the set of Walking Dead. At least I feel that way. I've been busy with school and work. but hopefully everything will get better, and I'll be rested and ready to blog!

    I tried to take some outfit pictures for you, and eventhough today's halloween, I'm not wearing anything scary. I need help to come up with a costume for saturday by the way, hopefully someone can help me!

    Here's today's outfit, and I'm very aware the colors are different, this is because on the first one I used a different setting on my camera.

    And yes, I do have (kinda) pink hair.

    -So, what are your plans this halloween?


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    I LOVE pink!

    Let's talk about clothes... PINK clothes.
    i <3 PINK! (Eww, not the singer, I'm not a lesbo, da-aaah. Although I <3 her music)

    So let me show you some fierce and cute clothing pieces!

    I want this dress, because it's CUTE. Totes!

    I want this fluffy... dress? It's SUPER cute, rightttt?

    And this... because it's SUPER vintage looking and CUTE. So cute!

    And this one..OMG. So cute! I would wear this on daily basis.

    This is my CHRISTMAS outfit for 2013. TOTALLYYYYYY! So cute. Omg. So cute. I wish that bow was pink, not red, da-ah!

    Ooor maybe this one could be my Christmas outfit?

    And this? Just for fun! SOO CUTE!

    'CUZ it's cute. That's why. I guess.

    And with this? SUMMER 2014 OUTFIT! <3

    XOXOXOXOXO Kathrine (or Rune, hahahahaha?)

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    Change of scenery

    Here in Norway fall is definitely upon us. There's been several days when I walk out to my car ready to jump in and drive off, only to find the windshield covered in ice. Hopefully it was only for a short period, I'm not ready for snow and the freezing cold just yet.

    Anyways, today's it been pouring rain but in between the downpour I found some time to snap a couple of pictures for you, because I know it's been a while, and I just wanted to. So, here you go, today's outfit!

    As you can tell my go-to-shoes during fall is my beloved converse. I have several pairs, but these are my all time favourites. (and please ignore my horrible roots, I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow to get them done.)


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    September outfits

    Which one is your favourite?




    4. This is my favourite.




    8 (very, very bad picture)



    So today I started practise in 3rd grade, and let me tell you ONE THING, they are tiny people. Really small! And tomorrow will be my first teaching lesson with them, and I'm nervous because it will be a gym class, outside. Wish me luck! I know I'll need it.

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    Pink, blue and glitter

    This is what I look like today.

    -What do you think?

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    Summer's not over yet

    If you thought summer was over for this year, you were wrong! The temperatures have fallen a little bit, but it's still sunny outside (some days), and that means I can still wear dresses and skirts, not that the cold weather has stopped me before.

    Here's todays outfit, I hope you like it!

    I like this dress, it's cute, and has lace details, and I love lace. Ignore my face in the last picture please.

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    Raspberry and sparkles

    As you can see today's outfit pictures are really, really bad!

    But I kinda love the color combination, and if you add sparkles to anything I will buy it!

    Do you like it?

    Ciao! xoxo

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    Red lips xoxo

    I just had a short day at school today so I'm already at home, so I tried to take some outfit pictures for you, so here they are, oh, please tell me something exciting!

    What do you think?

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    It's late, and I'm happy

    I came home yesterday after three interesting days camping with my new class. It was fun, and I'll post pictures of that some other day. Anyways, today I saw "White house down" which I absolutely love! It was a GREAT movie, and I kinda want to see it again right now! It helped a little that they had cast Channing Tatum as one of the main characters! I love him, and every movie he's in.

    Well, here's today's outfit!

    Again, awkward posing...

    Lets just say I don't have a career in the modeling industry, haha.


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    A quick outfit post

    Just a quick outfit post before I'm going to work!

    By the way, I'm going on a schooltrip tomorrow and will be gone until Thursday night, so I won't post anything until then.
    Have a nice week everybody!

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    Oldsmobile '64 (Outfit)

    Awkward posing by my dad's car is what I do best.

    Today's outfit. I tried to dress a little 60's inspired, but I didn't have a lot of time this morning, so this is what I came up with.

    I went to Stjrdal today with my brother and some friends to do something called a "funrun". If you don't know what it is you could always google it. Anyways, as you can tell it has something do to with classic american cars.

    Let me know if you would like to see some pictures of today! I have a lot.

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    A long time ago...

    ... this picture was taken.

    Tell me what's on your mind this friday night!

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    A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous

    Today I just want to remember everyone to be happy, and to smile, a lot.

    Today's outfit. A simple dress, gladiator sandals and a hat, oh and a belt.

    Hope you like it!

    Have a lovely weekend everybody, I know I will!

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    A little bit of devil in her angel eyes

    Angel eyes - love and theft

    I was going to take some good, well try to take some good outfit pictures for you today, but my photographer bailed on me (Lene da :(((((((() so, I took some with my phone, and they didn't turn out very good, as was expected, but still, here they are.

    I wore a dress, stockings, boots and a jeanvest. I even had my hair up!

    Like this, I kinda liked it. It was just a little bit inspired by the 60's, what with the teasing on top.

    Orange selfie

    And, please ignore all the mess in the background...

    I promise i'll try to take better pictures next time! (which means I have to be very very very nice to my family, haha)

    Now I'm going to change into gym clothes, head to work for a couple of hours then I'm off to the gym! Have a nice evening everybody!

    -What did you think of the outfit? Is it too much country, or does it work?

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    Oh, Marilyn (outfit)

    It's no secret I ADORE Marilyn Monroe, so when I saw this shirt at the mall, I instantly knew I had to get it! And I don't regret my choice.

    Here's today's outfit (oh, I like to think I look smart with fake glasses)


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    Ya'll, fall's coming!

    Fall is the season when I feel the most "homesick", and in this case "home" is Pennsylvania. I loved fall! All the pretty colors and the holidays right around the corner, and not to forget halloween and thanksgiving! Late fall, when the first snow is coming down is always so magical, bonfires at night making s'mores, ah, I miss it so much!

    Let's just all agree that fall is beatiful, even in Norway!

    And, since some of my friends have asked me to post outfit pictures, that's what I'm doing today. Please don't laugh, it's my first attempt!

    Peace out!

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